Cigar rock star Pete Johnson joins the Cigar Authority this week to talk about his brand new cigar, LA VERITE, that is breaking all the rules and has everyone talking! The boys are also treated to a 5 year aged Tatuaje, as well as the infamous cigar that put Pete Johnson on the Map. Dave and Tommy also give you the inside scoop on some new cigars "they" don't want you to know about, Anniversary cigars, concept cigars and trademarks that are being applied for as we speak.

The Cigar Authority welcomes the new producer...Chuck and smokes Fleur de la Reine along with E.P. Carillo's "Short Run".  Bill Herlicka from White Birch Brewing out of Hooksett, NH joins them in the second hour to share some of his "Short Run" beer.  Plus the Guys are drinking Coffee from Coffee Roasters Cafe in Windham, NH.

The whole show is Xikar's Havana Collection.  Also owner and founder of  Xikar and HC Kurt Van Keppel sits down with the guys in the first hour.  The Cigar Authority says good by to Mr. Jonathan...Tune in next week to meet Chuck the New producer/director of the show. 

All three guys (Dave, Tommy, and Mr. Jonathan) are in rare form this week.  This week they unveil their first round of real press coverage and they chain smoke cigar after cigar for the whole 2 hours.  Also Mr. Jonathan's Grandfather calls in for the first time with his take on how to live a long (he's 91) and happy life.  This episode is an auto add to your ipod.  Kick back with a good 2 hour smoke of your own and enjoy!

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