DESCRIPTION: Paul Joyal from Ocean State Cigars and J. Grotto Cigars visits Dave & Mr Jonathan to talk about his flavorful cigars and retail business... We go behind the scenes on Dave's trip to NY... 2 cigars a day keep the Doctor away??? Mr Jonathan's first week in retail as Manager... New cigars, events and much more!

May 19, 2012

Studio Tobac Limited

Fire em up! Today on The Cigar Authority we have John Gazerro from Studio Tobac and try the once in a lifetime cigar selection you can never get again... 6 Stogies and we're smoking them all! Mr Jonathan's last day as a free man... New cigars hitting the shelves... And much, much more!

John Hart from Drew Estates joins Dave Garofalo and Mr Jonathan to not just smoke cigars... but Priming's of cigars; the same cigar but different Priming's. John will be put to the test and tell us the real # 1's within cigar stores. Later in the show, Mr Jonathan makes a BIG announcement you don't want to miss... We light up Drew Estate's, "My Uzi Weighs A Ton"... New cigars hitting the shelves... Events to fill up your calendar, promotions and more!

May 5, 2012

Cinco De Avo

DESCRIPTION: Today on The Cigar Authority we sit down with Cigarlebrity Jeffrey Avo Uvezian and light up & discuss his new Rock-A-Fella cigars. We make our predictions on The Kentucky Dervy, talk about "Pink Slime," and will Dave sell out his 27th Anniversary Party while on the air?? It's time for the finer things in life... It's time for The Cigar Authority! 
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