Jose Blanco from Joya de Nicarague joins The Cigar Authority to talk about his new Cuenca y Blanco cigar. The Olympics have is the United States the Number 1 country in the world? We'll get into that and lots more as we smoke United Cigars.

July 21, 2012

New Sticks

We're smoking 4 NEW cigars on today's Cigar Authority: JC Newman's new Brick House "Teaser", the Origen Maduro Originals from J. Fuego, the new Inch from Ernesto Carrillo, and Room 101's Daruma. Plus we've got the GIANT list of all the new cigars coming out this year!

Barry Bennett from Ventura Cigar Company stops by The Cigar Authority and we light up the new Estilo Cubano, and Pure Blood - Pura Sangre. We look into Single Cigar Sales being banned in California, and The U.S. Olympic Team wearing China's colors?? This and lots more on The Cigar Authority!

July 7, 2012

Live Long and Smoke!

Today on the Cigar Authority we have proof that Cigars are NOT harmful to you, and are actually good for you in moderation. Doctor and Scientist Mark MiCozzi shares his remarkable discovery for the first time ever on radio, and gives you all the details on the benefits of premium cigars. Plus, we have on Christian Eiroa, founder of the new CLE Cigar Company, to tell us about his new lineup of premium cigars; Cuarenta, Corojo and Wynwood. We also talk premium watches with the one and only "Vintage Watchman" from It's an action packed show for the ages you don't want to miss!
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