This week on The Cigar Authority we're taking a look at stocking stuffers for men - real men! Our favorite cologne of all time! And we have a special guest from Hammer & Sickle... Eric Hanson himself and we're lighting up two of his best cigars yet: the Hermitage and Second Growth. PLUS... We present a new segment, 'The Gentleman's Way" by Debonaire Cigars and Rum.

November 24, 2012

Fuente Fuente Rarities

This week we're smoking Arturo Fuente rarities; rare cigars that only come out once a year, in very small amounts. We start off with the Arturo Fuente "Between the Line." Hemmingway or NOT Hemmingway? That is the question. In the second hour we light up the Arturo Feunte Anejo #55. Two phenomenal cigars, but why not make them all the time? We'll tell you why, and look ahead to what's on the horizon for 2013.

We're bowling with Turkey's, hanging with the "miracle man" Jesus Fuego, and saying good bye to Twinkies. We light up Jesus Fuego's Edition de Familiar, and Originals; Origen Originals, Origen Maduro and Sangre de Toro (Blood of the Bull).

The contenders for the 2012 Cigar of the Year have been announced, and we're smoking them all, baby! Inch by E.P. Carrillo, Origen Maduro by Jesus Fuego, C&C's C&C Corojo, La Duena by My Father Cigars, Atabey by Byron, United Cigar Retailer's United Cigar, Estillo Cubana by Ventura, and C.O. Jones by Jose A. Blanco. If you want to smoke along, you can pick up your own "Contender's Pack" here:

November 1, 2012

Recluse & Debonaire Cigars

We look back at the best cigars of 2012 in preparation for this year's acclaimed Cigar of the Year! We're smoking two brand new cigars: the Iconic Recluse Kanu #2, and the Debonaire Ultra Premium.

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