Mr Jonathan vs Mr Jonathan! It's the La Flor Dominicana Mystery Cigar Event with Mr Jonathan Carney.

Ashes to ashes; what your ashes teach you about the cigar you are smoking. We light up the La Flor Domincana and Julius Ceaser by Diamond Crown Cigars, rated 94 in Cigar Jounral. Plus Old Fart Fredy and Debonaire Cigar and Rum's Gentleman's Way.

April 13, 2013

Perdomo Country

Back from the TAA... new cigars, news and updates. Roy Kirby from Perdomo Cigars join us, and we light up the Perdomo 20th Anniversary and the Perdomo Champagne.

We're back LIVE inside Dave's office! What's inside his personal humidors? How many humidors does he have? What's up with the Machine Gun on his wall? Or that picture of the naked girl inside the bath tub filled with Cigars? What about that picture of Ted Williams? And is that a box of the first release of Padron cigars? Come inside Dave's office and make yourself at home.

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