Today, we're getting Debonaire with Debonaire Cigar and Rum's Phil Zanghi. We also take a look in The Asylem, Old Fart Freddy stops by, and light up the Debonaire Solomone.

This week, "The Honeymooner" John Gazarro and cigar roller Ryan Scholle from Studio Tobac, Oliva & Nub cigars joins us with some very special cigars from their 2013 Limited Edition Sampler. Old Fart Freddy is back, we examine why Cigar Aficionado continues to praise Cuba and their cigars, and ask... What makes a cigar "premium?"

Dominican Republic cigar maker Jose Dominquez joins us as we light up his Dos Hombre pencil, Equilabrium, Rhapsody, and La Mezcla Cubana.

It's Derby Day, and we've got a Delorean! We smoke two very special Padron Cigars that nobody has ever smoked INCLUDING the Padrons themselves! Wait till you see this!

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