We're live at the Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival 2013 with some of the world's biggest cigarlebrities including: Nick Perdomo from Perdomo Cigars, Glynn Loope from Cigar Rights of America, Barry Blonder from Alec Bradley, Tony "The Future" Gomez from La Flor Dominicana, Phil Zanghi from Debonaire Cigars and Rum, and Tom Lazuka from Asylum Cigars.  

It's the official end of summer 2013, and to celebrate we're smoking the Aging Room Havao Connecticut and United Cigar Boxed Toro Madauro.

August 17, 2013

La Flor Dominicano with

"The" Mr Jonathan Carney from La Flor Dominicana is moving! He tells us all about it as we smoke the La Flor Dominicana Light, as well as a 10 year old La Flor Dominicana 2000 Series. 

This week on The Cigar Authority we're smoking only ONE stogie... Something CRAZY with The World’s Gone Crazy Guy; Gary "G-Spot" Marino... The Asylum 13 6" x 80!

August 10, 2013

Feast of Madonna Della Cava

Live from the Italian section of Boston known as the North End, we're live at the Feast of Madonna Della Cava. This week, we feast! We eat, drink, and smoke Italian style! We light up an Parodi Ammazetti, Avanti Anisette abd Garofalo Toro. 

The former President of Drew Estates, Steve Saka, joins us for a scoop...as we dig into the past and the future...What happened?  Where's he going?  And other uncomfortable questions!  We light up the Eiroa Pesetas and the Cuban Stock Royal Selection.

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