Back from the T.A.A. (Tobacconists' Association of America), Mr Jonathan Carney from La Flor Dominicana Cigars stops by with the pre-release LFD 707, 7 x 70 Ligero, due out in late April / early May. 

It's the freakin' Catalina Wine Mixer!! AKA: The Cigar Authority 4 Year Anniversary show!! We've got Nelson Alfonso from Selected Tobacco, Byron, Atabey and Bandolero Cigars with us to celebrate as we light up the Bandolero Pack 2 and Bandolero Pack 3. 

The Cigar Authority is LIVE at the J.C. Newman Cigar Factory in Tampa, Florida for the J.C. Newman Diamond Crown Experience! Eric and Bobby Newman join us as they take us back throw the history of the J.C. Newman Cigar Factory; the last working cigar factory in America. We lightup the #99 Factory Throw-Out (this ain't no throw out!), and the acclaimed Julius Caesar, along side the Diamond Crown Experience winners, Glen Baker and Jim Ferrara.  

March 7, 2014

Questa è la Vita Cigar

This week on The Cigar Authority we're smoking the pre-release Questa è la Vita - aka "This is the Life" - cigar, and the new Fratello by Omar de Frias.   

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