Jose Ramos from Don Benigno Cigars joins us as we compare the Don Benigno Natural vs Maduro cigar. The FDA has their nose in Premium Cigars, and we tell you why it's not going to be good. This and lots more on The Cigar Authority. 

Easter Candy & Cigars! What's your favorite? We share ours, plus are you loyal? To your cigar store? Cigar brand? Your wife?!?! We light em up and eat em up this week on The Cigar Authority.

The Drew Estate Cigar Connection! This week on The Cigar Authority we open up an original box of Nosotros Illusione Cigars by Drew Estate, and and an 11 year old box of Red Lion By Heaven Cigars and Drew Estate. We reveal the hottest thing to happen to a cigar... EVER, and LOTS more on this weeks edition of The Cigar Authority!

Hollywood comes to The Cigar Authority! Armand Assante brings his passion for cigars, and new brand, Ora Vivo, along side Victor Vitale from Legacy Brands with his new brand Tortuga Cigars.  

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