Since 1992 Two Guys Smoke Shop has been announcing the Cigar of the Year. 5 Years ago that announcement was made on The Cigar Authority the day before the Super Bowl and this year is no different.

In the first hour we will light up a cigar from the contenders pack and interview Chuck Morrison live from the Super Bowl where he will get Debonaire on location.

In the second hour we will announce and smoke on Cigar of the Year.

All that an Old Fart Freddy, Tweets Of The Week, Inside the Asylum and Bad News Barry.

Join us for the madness and mayhem known as The Cigar Authority.

January 24, 2015

Cuba Rica and Costa Rica

Cuba Rica and Costa Rica, say that 10 times fast. This week on The Cigar Authority we  interview Stephen Adib from Cuba Rica and smoke the new Limitada in the first hour and the Barrabas in the second hour. 

We step into the Aging Room with Old Fart Freddy, Dive in the the Asylum with Mr. Jonathan, and get Debonaire with Chuck Morrison before looking at the tweets of the week from Recluse Cigars. 

All that and Cigar News with Barry in a week that saw a lot of change before finally hearing from David Garofalo on how his blind tasting went for Cigar Journal Magazine. 

January 16, 2015

Smoking Blind

Today on The Cigar Authority we smoke the new Herochi Robania from Cubanacan in the first how and we debut a new segment with the Question of the Week.

We also look into measuring success of small companies plus David Garofalo discusses his blind taste reviews for Cigar Journal magazine.

In the second hour Mr. J, Chuck and Barry get blind taste tested from the boss, can we guess what we are smoking. Also we get Debonaire, Go in the Aging Room and check out the Asylum...

Dr. Gaby Kafie of Kafie 1901 Cigars joins the show as a guest from Miami, Florida where we will discuss how he went from a surgeon to a cigar manufacturer. 

Also, we will smoke the new Avo No. 2 and find out which one of us got named to a tasting panel for Cigar Journal magazine. 

Join us for the crazy madhouse institutional fun on the top educational cigar podcast on the internet, The Cigar Authority.

Come join The Cigar Authority as we welcome Henke Kelner Jr, live in studio from Salem, New Hampshire as we discuss what is new from him and his factory. We will kick the New Year off with what is guaranteed to be the best show of 2015 to date. 

We go inside the Aging Room with Old Fart Freddy; Inside the Aging Room with Mr. Jonathan, Debonaire with Chuck Morrison and Bad News Barry has the latest Cigar News,and so much more!

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