On this episode of The Cigar Authority, our own Barry Stein is interviewed as we discuss his brainchild, KILO. We will ask what a kid from Brooklyn knows about cigars and how he wound up ready to launch his cigar nationwide at IPCPR via United Cigar Group.

We also take a look at all the Copy Cats in the Cigar Industry and how one companies idea becomes everyones next biggest thing.

All that and the usual rumors, teasing and original content journalism. Often imitated, never duplicated, the one the original The Cigar Authority.

They say the hardest thing for any parent to do is to bury their child. Nestor Miranda had to do this with his son Danny Miranda who was affectionately known as Danno. 

To honor his memory the company release The Danno a 7 x 56 cigar that has seen various incarnations. Today while in town at a launch event for the latest version we sit down with Nestor Miranda and talk about how the company got to where it is today. 

We also sit down with his Son-In-Law Jason Wood and discuss the bright future of the company and the successful branding of the Nestor Miranda Collection. 

We also have the latest issue of Cigar Journal, Old Fart Freddy, Tweets of the Weed, Bad News Barry and so much more on the madness known as The Cigar Authority. 

On the heels of our Perdomo, Pistols and Pizza event in Nashua, New Hampshire we welcome into the studio Nick Perdomo where we discuss all things new from Perdomo Cigars...

We will pair the new Perdomo Craft series with the appropriate beers and let you know how they change the game. 

All that and the usual insanity, on The Cigar Authority. 

On this episode of The Cigar Authority, we talk about and break down the massive amounts of Limited Edition smokes that are currently on the market, and are rumoured to be entering the market. 

Is it hurting or helping the cigar industry. 

Also on hand will be Skip Martin of Romacraft Tobac, and we get to catch up with Chief Hava himself and find out what is new an exciting in Esteli, Nicaragua. 

All this and more on a Mr. Jonathan free edition of The Cigar Authority. 

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