In perhaps one of our most anticipated shows, we smoke cigar #4 of the September Care Package and reveal who made the cigar. What we can tell you in advance is that the cigar was part of our 25th Anniversary celebration and has 5 years of age on it.. As for the rest be sure to tune in.

We also have some cigar news and we will discuss the future of mail order with the announcement this week that FedEx will no longer ship tobacco products in 2016 as well as looking into the results of the Cigar Journal Awards.

In the second hour we light up the Padilla La Pilar No. 4.

So Tune In, Light Up, and Join us for The Cigar Authority!

It’s a busy week on The Cigar Authority as we welcome Eric Hanson of Hammer + Sickle the maker of the cigar once known as Icon. We will light up the Trademark Maduro which is part of the The Cigar Authority care package.

In addition to cigars Eric Hanson will tell us about their line of vodka and we will smoke a cigar from the vault called Second Growth.

We will take a look at why Poker and Cigar Stores don’t mix with a preview of the upcoming David Garofalo editorial.

All this and the usual shenanigans known as The Cigar Authority.

This week we take a cigar from The Cigar Authority Care Package, the Davidoff Escurio Robusto as our first cigar. We talk with Chuck Morrison and see if he got his super bowl ring....

We are also joined by The Cigar Authority version of Regis Philbin and David Brenner as Victor Vitale joins us.

We also break down the new issue of Cigar Journal and all the usual shenanigans known as The Cigar Authority

It's been a crazy week at The Cigar Authority and we welcome Omar de Frias of Fratello Cigars into the studio where he will join us live as we recaps the Dance Off between him and his wife vs Mr. Jonathan and his wife...

Then we will dig into Dave's latest editorial called Remembering the Cigar Boom where we will look back to the 1990s and the cigar craze that led many of us down this path of enjoyment...

Join us for the all the madness on The Cigar Authority...

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