6 Years, 312 Episodes and still counting! We close out our 6th Season with an epic finale. We will be joined in studio by Jose Blanco as we catch up with him about rumors, blending, and his joining forces EP Carrillo.

In the second hour of the show we will light up the 20th Anniversary cigar from La Flor Dominicana, a favorite of ours that was part of the March Care Package. We will tell you all about the 1994, and let you know what we think of the cigar.

We got it all including a trip to the Asylum, Chuck gets Debonaire and Barry with the news. Join us at 12 Noon on Saturday for all the madness on the #1 Cigar Podcast on the internet, The Cigar Authority.

Dave returns from the TAA where he was able to talk on and off the record on what’s new, what’s coming and even his crystal ball was fair game for discussion. We will find out all the details as we smoke a cigar from the Cigar Authority Care Package, the Illusione Ultra.

In the second hour we discuss the Cigar Journal magazine which features cover boy Christian Eiroa and we light up our second cigar of the day. The Eiroa First 20 Years Colorao which won’t be out for another couple of week. 

Join us for all the number cigar webcast and podcast on the internet, The Cigar Authority.

David Garofalo and Mr. Jonathan make their return to The Cigar Authority after spending a few days in Cuba for the Habanos Festival. We will get to see Cuba through their eyes and get a recap of this great trip.

In the first hour we will light up a cigar from the March Care Package from Indian Head Cigars. Rough Rider is a cigar which features a sweetened cap.

In the second hour we will light up a cigar from the Habanos Fesitval, the Quai D’Orsay.

After the show Dave is flying to Mexico for the Tobacconist Association of America (TAA) event.

David G & Mr. J are 90 miles south of the mainland in Cuba so Barry, Chuck and Derek are in charge of the Asylum known as The Cigar Authority. You know what that means, Barry will be hitting the bottle as we discuss Cigar Pairing 101.

This week we welcome Willy Marante to the show from Miami Cigar & Company where we catch up with what is new from the company founded by Nestor & Mariana Miranda in 1989.

We also got to sit down with David Ortiz and talk a bit about Big Papi Cigars and much more.

Cigar News with Barry, Debonaire with Gentlemen Chuck Morrison and so much more on the #1 Cigar Podcast on the internet.


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