June 26, 2017

THE CIGAR AUTHORITY (TCA) is a weekly CIGAR PODCAST featuring guest interviews from tobacco growers, cigar makers and manufacturers, CIGAR NEWS and CIGAR REVIEWS. Join TCA for the longest lasting cigar podcast, voted The Ambassadors of Cigars by Cigar Journal Magazine, Voted the Top 10 Educational Podcasts by Podbean 4 years in a row and the most Listened to Cigar Podcast in the World and on the Internet. For you, THE CIGAR AUTHORITY, The Authority on everything Cigars. Listen to The Cigar Authority before you spend your good money on what could be a bad cigar or a great cigar. Whether you’re an amateur, a newbie, or a Cigar Aficionado you’ll learn something on every episode. Be sure to check out the TCA Daily Blog on www.TheCIgarAuthority.com, CIGAR RADIO at its finest and a proud member of The United Podcast Network.       


David Garofalo has been a cigar smoker and active in a cigar business for over 25 years. He is the owner, founder and President of Two Guys Smoke Shop in New Hampshire. There are 3 store locations, which are in Salem, Nashua, and Seabrook.
Two Guys Smoke Shop is arguably the highest volume independently owned cigar retailer in the world!

David sits on the Board of Directors of the (IPCPR) International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers, a member of the (TAA) Tobacconist Association of America, (NATO) National Association of Tobacco Outlets, a founding member of (CANH) Cigar Association of New Hampshire and is a proud member of the (CRA) Cigar Rights of America.

David owns and operates a mail order catalogue division of Two Guys at www.2GuysCigars.com for over 20 years and is considered by many as an ultimate cigar expert in the trade. David’s love and passion for cigars, keen palate, and open personality makes him a perfect candidate for The Cigar Authority.

Mr. JonathanMr. Jonathan was a freshman and needed some spending money. He found a job as a floor guard at the local roller rink. The DJ called in sick and like a scene from a cheesy 80’s movie the manager pulled him out and threw him head first into the DJ booth with less than a thirty second tutorial on how things worked. Mr. Jonathan was hooked. After two months, the private party business was born. In less than one year, Jonathan worked his way up to the top spot.

Years later, he branched out on his own, assuming the moniker of “Mr. Jonathan”. Fast forward to today: www.MrJonathanIsMyDJ.com is now an established music, M.C., and event production service.


Barry Stein has been in the Cigar Industry since 1996 when he first stepped into a cigar shop he would eventually become partners in. When his work as a private investigator became too much, him and his business partner sold the cigar shop in 2003. Missing the cigar industry from an insider’s perspective he started a website in 2008 at the encouragement of Sam Leccia. From 2008 until 2012 he had one of the hottest cigar sites around. In 2012, he began to work for Miami Cigar & Company overseeing social media and working in marketing and advertising. Missing the Northeast, he returned back to his roots where he does social media and web work for Two Guys Smoke Shop, maintains TheCigarAuthority.com where he posts breaking news and reviews. He has also joined the team as an on-air personality for our broadcast on the United Cigar Radio Network. 

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