This week on The Cigar Authority we welcome Michael Herklots of Nat Sherman as we light up a cigar from the Care Package… The Nat Sherman Panamericana Cervantes.

We will also explore Cigar Journal magazine and light up a 97 rated cigar in the Davidoff Nicaragua Box Press.

All this and more, on The Cigar Authority…


This week on The Cigar Authority we are joined by the Recluse Cigar Family…. Scott Weeks is in town with his father Nick and JR Dominguez is here with his father Jose Dominguez (Donuts Not Included).

We will light up the cigar of the year in the first hour with Mr. Weeks. Following the Recluse Amadeus Habano we will light up the Jose Dominguez Gordito Maduro which was part of the care package in the second hour.

All this and the usual madness on The Cigar Authority


This week The Cigar Authority welcomes to the show Roy Kirby of Perdomo Cigars as we light up the Perdomo 20th Anniversary. We'll find out what makes him the cigar rep of the year as we discuss all things Perdomo.

Is everyone on the same side in the cigar industry with the FDA? You might be surprised by the answer and the flawed science of the whole process.

All this and more on The Cigar Authority the #1 Cigar Podcast on the internet today....


This week we welcome live via remote Fabian Barrantes of Indian Head Cigars. They have a couple of hot new cigars that we believe are possible contenders for Cigar of the Year and we will hear from him first hand about this exciting new brand...

Join us on The Cigar Authority for Cigar News, Humor and so much more live from Two Guys Smoke Shop at the La Flor Dominicana Studios for this weeks insanity.

May 28, 2016

What’s Old is New

This week on The Cigar Authority we light up a cigar from the care package, the Fleur de la Reine. In the first hour we smoke the Natural and in the second hour we fire up the Maduro…

We will also take a look at some of the brands that have been around since before the predicate day of February 2007.

All this and more on Memorial Day Weekend live from Seabrook, NH


Join us this week as we light up two very special cigars live from the La Flor Dominicana studios on The Cigar Authority. The first cigar will be the limited edition TAA 48 and in the second hour we will light up the even more limited Maduro version…

We’ll talk about cigar charities, penile transplants and so much more on the #1 cigar podcast on the internet, The Cigar Authority.


Are you a Baller? Tune in with your Entourage as we welcome to the show Rob Weiss who is an actor, director, producer and writer for shows like Entourage and Ballers, not to mention the movie American Psycho.

We’ll smoke the cigars he helped bring to market with Camacho in the best interview ever with Rob Weiss. In the first hour we will light up BG Meyer Standard Issue and in the second hour we will light up a Gigantes.

We will also break down the FDA Regulations and help you make sense of them. All this and the usual madness known as The Cigar Authority.


It’s been a trying week in the cigar industry, and in the first hour of the show we are going to keep things light. We’ll talk about the history of Two Guys Smoke Shop and the upcoming 31st Anniversary before Mr. Jonathan takes us into his laboratory to look at a myth many cigar smokers believe.

In the second hour, Glynn Loope will join us to help us make sense of the FD Regulations that were announced. We’ll break it down into understandable language and look at what the future may bring us….

Join us for all the crazy shenanigans on The Cigar Authority.


This week we all enjoy it in the can with Asylum. We will start out with the Asylum 13 that was included in The Cigar Authority care package. We will discuss the crazy antics from the Chicken Poop Party.

We will catch up with John Toscano the rep for Asylum/CLE/Eiroa and find out if he ever had it in the can before...

In the second hour of the show we will all try it in the can, the new VERY limited edition Asylum Experiment: Ten$ion. A cigar that was launched at Two Guys Smoke Shop ( that has flown off the shelves this weekend...

Join us for tall the usual shenanigans on The Cigar Authority


This week we are joined by Skip Martin of RoMa Craft Tobac and we smoke for the first time the CroMagnon Firecracker a limited edition release coming in late June.

We will all bring you up to speed on FY17 and how Facebook tried to shut down some cigar groups….

All this and the usual madness known as The Cigar Authority


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