This week we all enjoy it in the can with Asylum. We will start out with the Asylum 13 that was included in The Cigar Authority care package. We will discuss the crazy antics from the Chicken Poop Party.

We will catch up with John Toscano the rep for Asylum/CLE/Eiroa and find out if he ever had it in the can before...

In the second hour of the show we will all try it in the can, the new VERY limited edition Asylum Experiment: Ten$ion. A cigar that was launched at Two Guys Smoke Shop ( that has flown off the shelves this weekend...

Join us for tall the usual shenanigans on The Cigar Authority


This week we are joined by Skip Martin of RoMa Craft Tobac and we smoke for the first time the CroMagnon Firecracker a limited edition release coming in late June.

We will all bring you up to speed on FY17 and how Facebook tried to shut down some cigar groups….

All this and the usual madness known as The Cigar Authority


This week on The Cigar Authority we light up a cigar that received accolades many years ago, and we light up something that just hit the shelves this week.

We will break down Agriculture Appropriations Bill FY17 and discuss what is new in the cigar world.

All this and the usual Shenanigans known as The Cigar Authority


On today’s episode of The Cigar Authority we light up Room 101 while discussing Cigars 101. We’ll discuss the slobber cutter, how to taste, when to ash, and how to relight a cigar after it has gone out.

In the second hour we will discuss the history of the Two Guys Smoke Shop Firecracker and reveal who will be making the 2016 edition and when you will be able to buy it…

All this and the usual madness on the number 1 cigar podcast on the internet, The Cigar Authority


With a live studio audience at Two Guys Smoke  Shop in Salem, New Hampshire The Cigar Authority celebrates 6 years of the crazy nonsense that makes up the #1 Cigar Podcast on the internet.

We'll tell you the top 5 shows of the last year and it will also mark the first time Chuck Morrison is on camera.

Join us for this celebration of cigars, friendship and insanity.


This week on The Cigar Authority podcast we celebrate Avo Uvezian’s 90th birthday by lighting up a cigar that was included in the care package.

We also take a look at the industries copycats and light up a couple of Cuban cigars.

We got our first cease and desist letter and bring you up to date on the latest news regarding the FDA deeming regulations.


This week on The Cigar Authority we discuss a recent ticket we got for smoking in a cigar store as the government goes to far in interpreting a law.

We light up the new La Flor Dominicana TAA 2016 and reach int the care package to smoke El Baton.

We also recap the latest issue of Cigar Journal magazine and jump into some mailbags…


This week on The Cigar Authority we prepare for St. Patrick’s Day while lighting up the Dos Hombres Candela and discuss the history of Candela cigars.

Dave has returned from Cuba and we talk about the Habanos Festival as well as his time spent at the TAA.

In the second hour we take a sneak peek at the CLE Azabache and discuss how American let David down…

All this and the usual madness on the Internets #1 cigar related podcast!


With David Garofalo in Cuba at the Festival Del Habano the asylum is left to Mr. Jonathan, Chuck Morrison and yours truly, Barry Stein. But we have a special guest in the house and he will be bringing some food to the studio, Mr. Tommy Grella.

In this educational edition of The Cigar Authority we will discuss different types of cutting techniques, cutters and lighters. In the second hour Barry will discuss with us how to properly taste a cigar.

With a little bit of luck David will be calling in live from Cuba and we will discuss how Tommy Grella went financial advisor to being on the show the Next Top Chef…

It’s going to be a wild ride, so be sure to tune in!


February 27th is National Cigar Day, and we celebrate the holiday Four Kicks, with Crowned Heads Four Kicks. We will discuss consolidation in the industry. We will discuss the Oscars and in the second hour smoke Leaf by Oscar as well as give our predictions for the winners.

Lastly we came across a book this week called The Cigar; Moments of Pleasure and we take a look at that book and let you know where you can get it.

All this and the usual madness known and The Cigar Authority.


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